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Let your child learn to swim while staying safe in the sun with the new Splash About UV Float Suit. Created using our very own specially developed technology, this practical, durable and safe swim aid allows your toddler the complete freedom of movement, unlike in the case of bulky and unreliable armbands. It also has the added bonus of being able protect burn-prone skin areas from the sun. Remove the floats as your child learns to swim and gain confidence in the water and the UV Float Suit will continue to hold them in the perfect swim position. The Splash About UV Float Suit is made from super soft, nylon Lycra, which means it is wind and sand-proof, making it the perfect thing to carry along to both the pool and the beach. So kiss those armbands and rubber rings goodbye and get on board with the experts’ choice!

Product Features

  • UPF 50+ and full sun protection.
  • Most size and buoyancy adjustable float suit on market.
  • Promotes natural learn to swim position.
  • Nylon Lycra fabric gives added wind proof and sand proof protection.
  • Wash Instructions-Hand wash in cool clean water and hand dry in the shade away from direct sunlight.  Do not wash in washing machine.
  • Composition-Nylon Elastane Polyester.
  • Special Instructions-16 Float Adjustable system, take out the floats depending on the buoyancy needed. Promotes the correct swimming position.
  • Product Code-UVFSTF


The Splash About UV Float Suit provides up to UPF 50+ sun protection thanks to its elbow-length sleeves, knee-length legs and extra cover around the neck, back and chest. It also boasts of the Adjustable Buoyancy System (ABS) feature, which lets you adjust buoyancy as per the wearer’s individual requirement. With two floats per pocket that can be removed gradually to reduce buoyancy, this swimming aid helps children learn swimming skills without becoming dependent on the buoyancy!

Splash About UV Floatsuit with Zip Tutti Frutti

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