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Almost every baby swim school now insists on the Splash About Happy Nappy, to prevent unwanted leaks in their pools. From the renowned Splash Lab comes this innovative swimming costume for baby and toddler girls, which incorporates a full Happy Nappy in order to provide the same excellent leak protection it is known for. Manufactured with premium quality neoprene, this Happy Nappy has a super soft nylon–Lycra body and is super easy to put on and take off, while the chlorine resistant fabric ensures less fading. What’s more, our bespoke fabric designs will help your baby make a fashion statement in the pool. All in all, this award winning costume is a prerequisite for swim schools costume and looks great as it stops leaks.

Product Features

  • The only swim school approved swim nappy costume.
  • Easy to care for, simply rinse, roll and reuse.
  • Multi award winning.
  • Incorporating a full Happy Nappy for a leak free swim.
  • Wash Instructions-Hand rinse in cool clean water and hand dry in the shade.
  • Composition-Top Half:Nylon Elastane and Bottom Half: Neoprene.
  • Special Instructions-For best results wear with the Nappy wrap and Nappy Liners for ease of cleaning the Nappy Costume.
  • Product Code-CHNPC


Invented 12 years ago, the Happy Nappy has quickly grown into a global phenomenon across 25 countries. It is a prerequisite for most major swim schools in the UK and globally, as it prevents leakage of those unwanted accidents that could happen in a public pool. The Happy Nappy keeps it sanitary for other pool users while protecting your own baby from the same; something that disposable swim nappies and traditional cloth nappies are not efficiently equipped to do. That’s why your swim school will insist on a Happy Nappy product! The latest addition to this versatile range is the Splash About Happy Nappy costume for baby and toddler girls, which provides all the protection of a Happy Nappy but in a costume. The snug fitting neoprene nappy bottom incorporates a full Happy Nappy top rib to stop leaks around the waist and has the same Happy Nappy ribs around the thigh for a secure fit. The soft nylon-Lycra costume top is chlorine-resistant and manufactured to the highest standards, resulting in the best reusable nappy costume on the market. Both parents and specialists endorse this multi-award winning costume from the Happy Nappy range and have the very best to say about it.

Splash About Happy Nappy™ Costume Pink Candy

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