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Get ready to hit the pool or the beach this summer, sporting nautical navy and white stripes with the Happy Nappy from Splash About! The most important part of your baby’s swim kit, most swim schools insist on the Happy Nappy before your baby can join classes because it is the most effective protection against anything nasty your baby could catch in a public pool. Made from the highest quality neoprene, the Happy Nappy has snug fitting nylon Lycra ribs at the waist and thigh and can be easily cleaned, rinsed, rolled and reused. Whether used in combination with the Splash About Happy Nappy System or worn alone, be sure to equip your baby with the Happy Nappy so that they are ready to make a splash!

Product Features

  • Number 1 swim nappy in the UK.
  • Easy to use and care for, simply rinse, roll and reuse.
  • 1 mm thick high quality Neoprene for warmth and leak protection.
  • Multi award winning and Insisted upon by swim schools globally.
  • Wash Instructions-Hand wash in cold clean water and leave to dry in the shade.
  • Special Instructions-For best results wear with the disposable Nappy liner which can be binned after use and the nappy wrap which can be washed in the washing machine for easy cleaning.
  • Product Code-HNBB


Since its invention 12 years ago, the multi-award winning Happy Nappy has rapidly grown into a worldwide success story. It is actively being used across 25 countries and is now a prerequisite for most major swim schools in the UK and globally. The Happy Nappy prevents unwanted leaks that could trouble other pool users and protects your baby from the same. As you been have already discovered, disposable swim nappies and traditional cloth nappies are far from effective from stopping unsanitary leaks into the pool and that’s why your swim school will insist on your child having their own Happy Nappy. Fitting snuggly across the baby’s bottom, the Happy Nappy has soft but effective ribs made from nylon Lycra mix, which grips the child’s tummy and thigh and allows this neoprene nappy to stay in place for even the wriggliest toddler. It is this neoprene and Lycra rib combination that serves to keep your baby safe in public pools and protect other pool users from your own child’s little ‘accidents’. Its sturdy and safe design also gives parents time to remove their baby from the water in time and change them to avoid any contamination.Trusted by parents, loved by kids and endorsed by experts, the multi-award winning Happy Nappy is an essential part of your baby’s swim kit and keeps your little one safe as they enjoy their summer swims.

Splash About Happy Nappy™ Blue Blossom

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