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Learn the ABC’s of swimming with the award-winning Fings, the range of revolutionary range of Learn To Swim products. Swimming teachers and experts are all now in universal agreement that children need to learn to swim in the correct natural position and Fings are designed to do exactly that. They fit comfortably under the arms and support the child’s chest, leaving their limbs free for maximum flexibility and allowing them to assume the correct posture. Splash About Fings are both durable and flexible, ensuring they are great value for money and are thus used in swimming classes around the world, for beginners and young swimmers alike.

Product Features

  • Invented by the Splash Lab and used worldwide.
  • Correctly positions children in the water.
  • Robust and flexible for ease of use.
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Product Size-F


The revolutionary new Fings are yet another fantastic new product in the Splash About range of buoyancy and swim aids. Made from anti-puncture closed cell foam, these bright yellow Fings will help your little one make a splash in the pool, while giving them the ability to stay afloat and maintain a natural feel for water balance. Unlike alternate options in the market such as armbands or woggles, Fings are self-adjusting buoyancy aids that let the child adopt a much lower and more natural swim position while supporting and maintaining a natural upthrust in the water. Their unique shape allows for total independence, giving the child complete flexibility of movement so that they feel natural and free in the water and gain confidence.

Splash About Fings™

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