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These brilliant Poolside Mats give you a clean, soft and warm place to place your baby while you change them – the answer to a real problem!

Product Features

  • Made from super soft and naturally antibacterial 1mm Neoprene.
  • Keeps babies away for unclean changing room and poolside floors.
  • Easy to care for simple roll and reuse.
  • Non-slip rubber base.
  • Product Code-CMNR


Changing your baby at the poolside can be a real challenge considering the often cold and usually wet environment. That’s why the Splash Lab has developed these practical Poolside Mats, manufactured from antibacterial Neoprene and made to retain heat and provide a non-slip grip. Once the job is done, simply wipe it down and roll it up. Now that you have the answer to the changing room challenge, you’ll never again leave home without it!

Splash About Changing Mat Navy with Red

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