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It is critical to keep babies and toddlers warm in the water while they are learning to swim, both for their health and the experience. The Splash About Baby Wrap is made from super soft, premium quality neoprene, with wide Velcro adjustable fastenings for a secure and flexible fit. It is specially devised to open out completely flat, making it the wetsuit of choice for wriggly babies and toddlers – not only is it easy to put on, it stays on! Available in a range of sizes from 0-30 months of age, this Baby Wrap ensures that core body temperatures are maintained in the pool and keeps your baby warm and comfortable for longer. Additionally, the non slip neoprene provides a more secure grip for parents when holding their child in the water.

Product Features

  • UPF 50+ protection from the sun.
  • Opens completely flat for easy on and off.
  • Gives maximum freedom of movement of arms and legs.
  • Provides warmth in water.       
  • Wash Instructions-Hand wash in clean cold water and hand dry in the shade.
  • Composition-2 mm Thick Neoprene.
  • Special Instructions-Wear with our Happy Nappy underneath for protection against leaks. Opens flat for easy of putting on. 
  • Product Code-BWSS


It is important to understand that every child is different. That’s why Splash About has designed and engineered a range of different wetsuits to meet the individual and unique needs of your baby, providing warmth and flexibility for more enjoyable pool time. Otherwise, beinghighly sensitive to changes in temperature at that age, your baby could feel chilly in the water spoiling the swimming experience and making tense and uncomfortable for the whole time. The Baby Wrap from Splash About provides cosy warmth, ensuring your baby’s core body temperature is maintained and they stay comfortable in the pool while retaining the complete flexibility of movement. Engineered to open out fully flat for quick and easy dressing, the Baby Wrap is manufactured from durable yet super soft, premium neoprene with soft ribs for comfort and a UPF 50+ rating for maximum UV protection. All in all, the Baby Wrap is a highly versatile and size adjustable wetsuit for even the wriggliest baby or toddler, guaranteed to make for a lovely pool time experience.

Splash About Baby Wrap™ Set Sail

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