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The Brevi Royal Folding Playpen is aptly named – it provides luxurious comfort for your child while offering the highest levels of safety with its soft mesh sides to cushion any falls, four solid feet to provide stability and rounded corners prevent bruises. The soft, padded base of this colourful playpen makes for cosy slumber while providing ample space for playtime. The integrated handles on the sides also encourage and support your child’s first attempts at standing upright.

Product Features

  • Made in Italy.
  • Sturdy playpen.
  • Rectangular.
  • Colourful design.
  • Soft sides for highest comfort.
  • Handles to help child learn to stand or for attaching toys.
  • Rounded corners.
  • 4 Solid feet.
  • Folds flat.
  • Produc Type : Playpen
  • Weight : 9.6 Kg
  • Age : 0-24 Months upto 15 Kg
  • Material : Metal & Phthalates-Free Pvc
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Product Code : 584-553


Everyone wants the very best for their child. And what could be a more luxurious choice than the Brevi Royal Folding Playpen? Living up to its name, this playpen has been designed for extra stability and will not wobble or tip when your child attempts standing upright for the first time. Its four solid feet and integrated support handles further help in that endeavour; and you can even attach toys to the latter! That’s not all, the soft mesh sidewalls gently cushion any falls even as the rounded edges and corners keep both you and your child safe from bruises and bumps. Thanks to its rectangular shape, your child will have plenty of space for movement while the colourful design stimulates all your child's senses, inviting your little one to learn as they develop their mobility and explore. When not in use, the playpen can be simply folded away in a few easy steps and stored compactly.

Brevi Royal Playpen-My Little Bear

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