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Like things that are exquisite, exciting and unique? So do we !! Welcome Home !

About Us

IndianOctopus.com is less of an e-commerce site and more a portal into the world of beauty, catering to customers with a discerning eye and an elite taste.

Leveraging the opportunities presented to us in this modern world that’s akin to a global village, we scour the globe for delectable items and present them to you. Our product portfolio comprises of a plethora of options; from fashion to furniture, we have it all! Sourcing premium products directly from brands we bring the best the world has to offer directly to your doorstep.

No longer do you need to wait for your or your cousin’s next trip to Europe, or leave behind stuff that you’d liked to have picked up during a trip – all because bringing them back home is a hassle. Now all you need to do is pick, click and be happy.
We are here. And at your service.

IndianOctopus Enterprises Private Ltd,
35 K.M.Naskar Road , Flat B1,
Kolkata – 700040,
West Bengal ,

Unlike many stories, that begin with a deep philosophy or thought, ours begins with a simple observation. In today’s globalized world Indians are exposed to the entire world, thanks to the internet. Yet, we remain deprived of many beautiful things as we are not always able to travel, or bring stuff home as we return from our travels.

And thus, in 2016, Arun Jairam established IndianOctupus and started importing premium brands from Europe. The dream was to make available the best of the world in India. Soon, however, we found that due to high margins charged by retailers, distributors, dealers, etc the pricing of the products was getting very high indeed for the end customer.

It was to prevent this steep rise in the price that in 2018 we evolved, and launched www.indianoctopus.com. Keeping our core ethos of delivering the best to India a constant, we worked towards reducing the cost of the products and delivering the customers with their heart’s desire – right at their doorstep.

In an effort to economize costs, we employ varied methods of importing goods from Europe. Using ocean freight carriers to bring the products to India remains the most cost-effective approach, though it extends delivery time to 45-50 days. For customers who need their products shipped in faster, we use a combination of land and air transport and deliver the products within 20-25 days, though the costs get marginally higher. For a premium price, we also employ renowned delivery services like DHL, TNT and more to ensure the customer gets their delivered within 7-10 days.

And as time passes, our story grows. Our product portfolio is increasing every day, as is our customer base. We are happy to serve. And happier still to bring joy and beauty into the lives of our customers.